about mirella and ioli fashion greek designers
Ioli Micjalopoulou, fashion designer
Mirella Manta, fashion designer
B38 is a shop established in Athens by the fashion designers Ioli Michalopoulou and Mirella Manta showcasing their unique designs and also hosting other selective original items.

Having shared an atelier for many years, the designers Ioli and Mirella, came to realize that although an atelier can be cozier than a shop, the process of visiting by making an appointment makes the decision a bigger one. People admit that they feel more obliged to buy when visiting the designers’ personal working space and showroom. Therefore, many fail to satisfy their impulse to visit a clothes shop, look around, try something on and enjoy themselves. This is why Ioli and Mirella decided to make their collections more visible and accessible to everyone.

The concept: Atelier in a shop is to maintain a high level of service and personal contact with the customer whilst being in an easily accessible place. The specific, central location of B38, on the corner of Voukourestiou and the beautiful, pedestrianized Roma Street has the added advantage that its grand shop windows make it possible to see the whole of B38 and the clothes , from both within and outside the shop.

It is the designers themselves who have organized every single detail of how this shop is run, making sure that every customer is treated in a highly professional yet personal way, according to each ones needs. Every visit to B38 becomes more than the usual process of choosing, trying on and buying a dress. Whether someone leaves B38 with or without a bag, it will have been a positive experience, one will have gained a better sense of style , clothing and an understanding of what suits them best. Ultimate goal: everyone leaves with a smile.

Mirella and Ioli strongly believe in the force and dynamics of partnership and on this premise they have based the creation of B38. Two architects were engaged in the materialization of the initial idea for the shop. Alison Katri and Christina Tsakiri comprehended and empathized with the designers’ vision and ideology and have succeeded in creating an interior which reflects this.
An equally important component of B38’s effective and productive team work is all the creators who showcase their jewellery, bags, accessories and artistic products. The items presented at B38 are carefully selected based on the ethos of the creators and the quality of the products.

This summarizes and tops the three previously mentioned principles. Quality of products in both raw materials – the finest Italian fabrics are imported for the needs of every collection, and manufacture – each garment is sewn by highly experienced, qualified Greek seamstresses. Quality of service and personal contact with the customers, aesthetic quality and above all quality of life.

Ioli Michalopoulou and Mirella Manta met at college while studying fashion design and have been inseparable ever since. Whilst creating their own designs and collections, they also cooperated in theatrical productions, short films, and promotional campaigns as costume designers. Through these collaborations, they became two really effective work buddies who eventually decided to also share a working space. Creating their own collections as well as their common art projects in the same atelier they realized how different perspectives can be complementary and add to the final outcome. Always inspired by the saying: “Together we stand” Ioli and Mirella live and work in the center of Athens.

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